Office properties include single and multi-unit space, as well as entire buildings. Office space is also classified into Class A, Class B and Class C, with the classification depending on the age of the space and amenities offered.

Office space can further be classified into the type of use. There is traditional office space that has a reception area with private offices and/or cubicles. There is also creative office space that employees and open floor plan concept with collaborative areas. There is also co-working space, where individuals can rent a desk or share space with another company. Similarly, there are executive suites where companies can lease a single office in a suite and share a common receptionist.



When we speak about a multifamily asset, we are referring to any building that consists of more than one dwelling unit. Apartment buildings are the most common multifamily dwelling.

However, the multifamily asset market is extremely diverse. There are several different types of multifamily properties, including garden, low rise, high rise, and mixed use.

Much like office space, multifamily assets are also classified as Class A, Class B or Class C, with their classification dependent on the age of the building, as well as offered amenities.



Industrial properties are used for manufacturing, production, fabrication, assembling and conducting research and development. Industrial assets can consist of small buildings of one unit to big warehouses or manufacturing facilities.



As an asset, land can be lucrative for investors. Land can be used for developing industrial, retail, multifamily, etc. It can also be used for farming and other agriculture uses.



Retail assets are any property where goods and services are sold to consumers. These assets consist of small to large space and can further be classified by the type of retail, including clothing stores, grocery stores, restaurant, and strip malls.

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